The last?

When you’re doing something with such enjoyment that you don’t notice that time passes.

-Albert Einstein 

After living and working on the web for the past 12 days with my colleagues, Dr Lisa, Sarah as well as Nic, let’s look at what I have to say!

  Ratings at the start of the module Ratings at the end of the module


Accessing, managing and evaluating online information 2 4 I am now able to manage and evaluate online information better than before.
Participating in online communities 1 3 Started creating my own professional online profile. (LinkedIn)
Building online networks around an area of interest 4 5 Made use of LinkedIn to join groups that fits my interest.
Collaborating with others 1 2 I shared images on twitter by using #MANG2049 and posted my video on Youtube.
Creating online materials (text, audio, images, video) 3 4 Tried out a new way of making an educational video which I have never done It before.
Managing your online identity 3 5 Now, before I upload something on my social media or even changing of my display picture, I will always ask myself, “Will that makes me look professional?”
Managing your online privacy and security 3 4 Changed some of my settings on Facebook.
Total Score 19 27

This clearly shows that I have a better evaluation compared to my previous self-test. Well, it benefits me now in the way that I have lots of time to start building my very own professional online identity so that in the future, I would be ready to show it to my recruiters.

Where to find me online?

This is a simple video that I have attempted to make.



Look what has #MANG2049 did to me? I have changed the settings, only allowing mutual friends to be able to look me up on Facebook. By doing this, it will minimize the risk of strangers looking at your profile and also receiving friend request from them.

Not only that, I am being cautious as I do not wish those possible negative impact to affect my employment in the future. I have read articles on how social media plays a part in either helping or harming people to get a job. Here is one good example.



The reason why I did not create a new Twitter account and chose to use my personal one because I prefer having a single identity. In my opinion, I think that it is fine for my employer to look at my personal twitter account as I have nothing to hide. I want to be “real”, showing people who I really am instead of having a professional account, tweeting what employers would want to see only.

By having a personal account, tweeting what you feel like tweeting does not make me look unprofessional as long as there is no inappropriate content.


Before this module started, I came across LinkedIn but I do not exactly know what it was. However, after Topic 3, which is on developing a professional online profile, made me have the urge to create an account of my own.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. I am surprised how LinkedIn is able to connect an individual to other professionals, even President Barack Obama! Not only that, I am also able to participate in LinkedIn groups which is related to my profession and interest. LinkedIn helps employees to give potential employers the good “first impression” by looking at their work experiences, skills, achievements, etc. Still not convinced to create a LinkedIn account? Here is another reason why LinkedIn!


What will I be doing for now and in the future?



I guess for now I will be going towards Sport Marketing because I love sports and I think it would be fun and makes me able to differentiate myself from the others, to go into something that to be honest, not many people are  interested in.

Also, I am looking at working with Evolve Mixed Martial Arts for my 6 months Internship that will take place next year. I doubt I will stop pursing Sport Marketing and I am pretty sure that I will enjoy this career path in the future!

To sum things up, I did gain tons of interesting knowledge throughout this module. I would like to draw your attention to Topic 2 , which I find it really fun as different people have different opinion on whether to have a single or multiple identity. I support single identity. However, after reading my colleagues’ blogposts, it made me think again and I slowly realised that having a multiple identity is not completely a bad thing afterall. I was not a fan of blogging but now, I guessed #MANG2049 changed me!




Definitely not!

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