MANG2049 Digital Profile – Self Test at start of module

Below is my ratings and comments before the start of #MANG2049

#1 Accessing, managing and evaluating online information

Ratings: 2

Comment: It is not what I do on a usual basis. I do not find a problem in accessing to the information but it would take sometime for me to manage and evaluate to the information.

#2 Participating in online communities

Ratings: 1

Comment: I have not experience any online communities.

#3 Building online networks around an area of interest

Ratings: 4

Comments: I am always sharing pictures on my social network such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram whenever I am doing a fun activity or eating awesome food! I am also able to look back at my pictures to refresh my memories on where I have been and what I have did.

#4 Collaborating with others

Ratings: 1

Comments: I have not experienced any collaboration with others but I guess that if I do so, I would be able to extra gain knowledge!

#5 Creating online materials (text, audio, images, video)

Ratings: 3

Comments: I have created online materials such as videos and images! I used it whenever there are special events like doing it as a birthday gift. I really enjoy editing the videos as I am able to customise everything according to my liking from the scratch!

#6 Managing your online identity

Ratings: 3

Comments: Having an online identity allows me to share what I choose to share with my online friends. I would always share the standard information that I think that it is alright to share with people. Information such as handphone numbers and my home address would not be shared online to prevent unwanted problems.

#7 Managing your online privacy and security

Ratings: 3

Comments: I would always private my social network, ensuring that what I post on my social network is seen by people whom I know. However, I am aware that it is 100% safe even though I private my accounts and this is what scares me! There would be mutual friends around and there would be a possibility that “my friends” are showing my profile to their friends whom I do not know.

Current score: 19/35

I hope that after learning about #MANG2049, I would be able to get a total score of 30/35! Also, I hope that I would be able to learn more about the web like learning how to evaluate, manage to the online information, collaborating with others, participating in online communities, create online materials as well as protecting my online identity properly!


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