Topic 1: Digital “Visitors” vs Digital “Residents”

“I grew up in a physical world, and I speak English. The next generation is growing up in a digital world, and they speak social.” 

– Angela Ahrendts

In this post, I would be analyzing about the difference between Digital “Visitors” and Digital “Residents”.

Digital “Visitors” gives me the impression that they are people from the older generation who were not born into the digital world. They grew up learning everything physically without the help of technology. Digital “Visitors” sees the web as a collection of tools in an organised manner as it can easily be searched. For example, googling for currency converter. Making use of the Internet to get the information they are looking for will not be their first priority. They are not familiar with the digital technologies and therefore, using the Internet would be a struggle to them and they would choose not to rely on it. This caused them to never think of returning to using the web as it can be frustrating for them to not being able to get the information they are looking for. Thus, they would still prefer to use the traditional method. For example, going to the library to look for the resources.

In contrast, Digital “Residents” view the web as a platform for socialising, for them to express themselves through various social medias. They are online savvy and know how to navigate the web like the back of their hands. Digital “Residents” spends a vast majority of their time interacting through digital technology. For example, an online salesperson makes a bulk of his income selling his product or services online.

Due to the over reliance on the Internet for various needs, there is a tendency for these people to take the accessibility of tools and information through the web for granted. Through the web, “Residents” have online personas to help identify themselves and to facilitates interactions and relationships with others.

In conclusion, I think that the difference between Digital “Visitors” and “Residents” is how they use they web and what they use it for. To explain why they use the Internet differently is also because of their ability to navigate the internet.


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3 thoughts on “Topic 1: Digital “Visitors” vs Digital “Residents”

  1. Hi Pearlyn,

    I like how you started out this post with that quote from Angela Ahrendts! I could totally relate to it and it is pretty amusing to me almost how true it actually is. Like for my parents, they did not grew us learning about the digital world and only probably started when they enter the working world. However, for us, we are so exposed to digital world that I actually remember having a phone to myself at an age of 7 years old and was a tota; computer game addict at 5 years old when my parents gifted me with a Casper CD-Rom game.

    When you said Digital Visitor gave you the impression that they are the older generation, I would slightly disagree cause I think there are many tech support personnel who are from the older generations that actually helps us with the various problems that we encounter. However, I agree with you on your conclusion in regards on how to differentiate Digital Visitors and Digital Residents by their usage and the reason on why they are using the technology in their lifes.

    Thank you for sharing your views and thoughts on this topics, it was great to look at this from a different point of view. 🙂


  2. Hey Pearlyn, I find myself finding yet another reason to why I categorize myself as a digital visitor. This could be due to the lack of knowledge in technology. In short, I am not an Internet Technology (IT) savvy person.

    Due to the minimal interest I have in IT, I was drawn away by the complexity of things. However, I must admit, I am at a great lost. To be lacked behind in today’s world, to the extent, restaurants are even implementing IPads for greater efficiency.

    The bad habit of avoiding the process of understanding also let me to realize my leaning attitude towards everything that is on the web.

    Thankfully for this module-living on the web, I will be able to get in touch with more IT related activities. Hopefully, I will be able to manage the use of IT and erasing the thought that “Technology can be a bane”.


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