Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it.

– Ernest Holmes

After reading through the various blog post from my colleagues, I have definitely gained some knowledge as some have different resources while some have more information to what I have researched about.

After reading one of my colleague, Calanthea‘s post, I felt that she used a unique way to describe Digital “Visitors” and “Residents” by using her own experiences she encountered herself and while she is with her friends. Therefore, I find it easy to absorb and understand what she was trying to explain. I am also a little shocked that she is under Digital “Visitors” instead of Digital “Residents”, which most of us are expected to be under that category.

Regarding Shannon‘s post, she enabled me to have a clearer identity about which category I belonged to by asking the question she posted on her blog. However, the example she used to describe Digital “Visitors” got me thinking. In my opinion, I think that Digital “Visitors” have limited knowledge about technology and will only use it for a simple task for example, using Microsoft for work. In Singapore, I have experience several times whereby, people approached me for direction and 95% of them are always from the older generation.

I definitely look forward to the next topic we will be talking about!


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