My colleagues’ blog posts discussing on the pros and cons of having multiple online identities makes me gain more knowledge and I wished I could include it into my previous post!

Firstly, Rachel‘s perspective of having multiple identities is that she do not mind having multiple identities as long as you know how to protect yourself from people who will be harmful to you online. I strongly support on only having single identity but this definitely makes me have a second thought on thinking that it is acceptable to have multiple identities. Rachel’s reply to my comment on her blog did help me to clear my doubts. People might have multiple identities so that they are able to differentiate between their own personal social media life and work life which they need to be professional. People have the freedom to post whatever they want and they do not have to think twice about it affecting their business. However, as for social media for work purposes, people have to be aware of what they post as it is a way of marketing and branding themselves.

giphy (1)

Majority of my colleagues do not mind having multiple online identities, unlike Siew Woon. Having a single identity reminds me of the recent case, Essena O’Neill quitting social media because she felt that social media is “not real life”. I felt that every time her followers increase, it makes her more stress because she have to continue to be someone people expect her to be which is close to perfect. Well, nobody is perfect. Siew Woon had a point there that, being a professional employer, he should not take online identity into serious account because who knows, all the qualifications and achievement that the candidates put in might be fake!

After this topic, I am definitely clearer about the advantages and disadvantages of having multiple online identities, be it for work purposes of for personal purposes.


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