Topic 3: Let’s Reflect!


I’m happy to learn about the different ways of developing a professional online profile after viewing my colleagues’ blogs! Now, I am certainly confident to create my very own profile online professionally!



Sheryl‘s blog post made me have ideas of what to do if I want to be different from the rest of the people. I would like to add on more points as to how to stand out from the crowd. How can blogging make us show our skills, knowledge and personality? In my opinion, one have to be proactive, constantly updating their blog but of course, not blogging about their personal life and expect recruiters to be able to spot their talent from there. They should be discussing about matters surrounding their industry instead!

giphy (1)


Andrea made me ponder a little when she suggested to have another online private identity if one would like to post something that do not wish to be seen by their future employers. I have nothing against creating a separate account for personal life. However, if people are thinking of having another private account just to post inappropriate stuff and hoping that their recruiters would not find out about it, I would urge them to think twice. I’m relieved that Andrea final suggestion to people is to not post anything negative online to prevent any problem.

There are no secrets that time does not reveal.

– Jean Racine

So now, hire me! I’m ready to create my very own professional online profile!


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