TOPIC 4: My thoughts

WOW! I’ve learnt so much about the different types of social media ethics!



Online shaming is very common around the world, because of the technology today. People might not think that it is harmful to post anything negative online about about people however, this is not the case! Nicholas‘s blogpost have a good example of online shaming. I would like to add on another example of online shaming which is quite common on social media; posting nude photos of victims.

Here is an article of a man threatening to post his ex-girlfriend’s nude pictures on social media just because he thought by doing so, the girl would agree on meeting him. This is another good example of people having unethical intensions on social media without thinking of the consequences. For example, in this case, the ex-girlfriend might commit suicide if he really post those nude photos online.

giphy (3)


Silviana‘s blogpost remind me of my Internship times when I was pursing my Diploma. Before the start of my Internship, I was being briefed about not to post anything related about the organization that I will be attached to on any of my social media. I guess this is to avoid any repercussions from ruining the image of the organization.

giphy (2)


Based on personal experience, a friend of mine tweeted during work hours about his unhappiness during work. The company chance upon his tweet and reported it to his supervisor. He ended up getting penalised and did not get good grades for his Internship.

Well, if you have the intention of posting any controversial materials online, I would strongly advice you to think twice or even thrice because you might not know what will the consequences will be!


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