Topic 5: Reflect!



Different people have different views about the open access to online materials. So at the end of the day, is it best to allow public to allow free access to online materials or not?

Firstly, after reading Mabel‘s blogpost, it made me realised that the reason why publishers only allow paid access is because they have to cover up for all the expenses they spent in order to come out with the articles. Just imagine what if all articles are free? I guess the publisher and the author might go bankrupt! Why would authors willing to continue giving what they know without getting any benefits?

The video from Mabel’s blogpost allows me to have a clearer view of open access and the similarities that we can find everywhere in the Internet for information, for example. If everyone just take the information for free and no one contribute towards the researcher or publisher in terms of paying for it, how can they continue to produce quality research?



Jamie‘s blogpost remind me that, open access does not only applied to getting information for education, but also for for us to learn things that we are interested in. For example, for my case, I always like to watch hairstyle tutorial videos on Youtube. From there, I am able to learn and do it on my own! I can’t imagine if I have to paid to watch those videos. I think I would stick with the same and boring hairstyle everyday.

This video would help me to add on to my previous post, thinking from the view of the publisher after reading Sheryl’s comment. In the video, 89% of the people agreed that role played by publishers in the career paths of researchers must be seriously diminished. The reason being, they find it unfair as the authors spend so much time and effort on their work but not only they don’t get credited but others got to earn money instead. Next, 72.8% of the publisher chose to publish their work on a High Impact Journal compared to an Open Access journal. This might be because there would be a tendency whereby plagiarism would happen. People might use their articles as their own work without citing them. However, one of the PHD student stated that, they do not get to decide where they can publish their articles.


Well, I am still strongly supporting Open Access!


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